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We welcome submissions of new sites to our link directory. To have a site added, please follow the following procedure:

  1. Please only submit sites that are relevant to our product (i.e. children's rocking chairs) or audience (parents, grandparents, buyers of gifts for children, etc). See the categories currently on our links page as examples, or suggest new categories that make sense.
  2. Before sending us your information, please make sure that the link you will be providing to our site is up and active (see below for the details of what that should include).
  3. Send the following information to us in an email to
    • The name of your site
    • The category you would like it listed in
    • The url of your site
    • The content of what you would like us to put in the link we set up to you
    • The url of the page containing the link back to us

We will try to get your link up within 48 hours of receiving your request.

Here's the html code for the link to our site:

Here's how that should look on your page:

Children's Rocking Chairs - Heirloom quality personalized rocking chairs for children - the perfect gift!

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