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What people are saying about their personalized, heirloom Children’s Rocking Chair
from Standard Chair of Gardner.

We treasure the feedback from our recent customers and thought we'd share their sentiments with you. As you'll read, whether the chair is for a baby in the nursery, a toddler ready to rock (!), or a more grown-up kid, invariably these carefully-crafted childrens wooden rocking chairs are sure to be a keepsake. In fact, they seem to be the perfect gift, as these heartfelt comments attest, from any family member to the newest member of the clan…and especially from the grandparents! If you'd like to send in your reactions to your Child's Rocker, we'd love to hear from you, too!


“All I can say is “Wow!” I received my daughter’s rocking chair today and it is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to give it to her on her 1st birthday. While I know that she won’t remember the day itself, I am very pleased to know that she will have a lasting remembrance to look upon for years to come. Thank you so much!”

Linda W., Portland, ME

“I have to let you know how wonderful the childrens wooden rocking chairs are. Words can not express. I ordered three for my grandsons, ages 4, 2 and 10 months for Christmas. They are so beautiful that they made me cry. Their father and grandfather have the adult version that they received following their graduations many years ago. This is the perfect gift to continue family which is so much a part of the season. The workmanship is beyond my expectations. Thank you for allowing me to find the perfect gift that will be a part of their lives forever.”

Kim J., Little Rock, AR

“Yes, I have received your childs wooden rocker. When I received the rocker and opened, I could not believe how beautiful it was. This is a present for our first grandson and I am just thrilled with it. The quality and workmanship of this rocker is wonderful and was way beyond our expectations. Sometimes we are leery about ordering over the internet, but this is by far, the best thing we have ever ordered. His name was engraved perfectly on it. The way you shipped it was terrific. Knowing he will have this beautiful rocker for years to come, warms our hearts. My husband and I would like to thank you for making this Christmas a special one for us. We will definitely let all our friends and relatives know about your rockers, although when they see it, I am sure they will be asking us where we got it from. We hope you all have a Happy Holiday and all the best for a Healthy and Happy New Year! Again thank you for your beautiful rocker.”

Lynne C., Seaford, DE

“Oh my gosh! I am thrilled beyond words with the child's rocking chair that your company has handcrafted for our first grandchild. We will personally deliver this exquisite rocker to our granddaughter, Annabel, in just a few short weeks. Meanwhile, I have shown this special gift to all of our close friends and neighbors and everyone has had the same reaction--they are speechless and several individuals have become teary-eyed at first glance. This rocker is truly more beautiful than I could have ever imagined from your Web site. The quality of craftsmanship and construction is very professional and the detailed engraving is impeccable. Thank you for being exactly the type of company that I will gladly and enthusiastically recommend to everyone. ”

Natalie F., Ogden, UT

“From the moment I ordered the child's rocking chair I was filled with anticipation and excitement. When it arrived I became so eager to get it open and glean it's beauty. What a thrill to see all the beautiful detail of the gold leaf, wood tones, and feel the soft finished edges... and the quality of the rest of the chair is superb also! I immediately became so proud of it, and the professionally done inscription will be treasured by our precious granddaughter as well as her parents.

It became evident to me that everyone involved in the process of making this gorgeous children's rocking chair must have great pride in your company and love what they're doing. This kind of quality doesn't come from anything but that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all so very much. We've had it out in our livingroom since it arrived so we can glean it's beauty before we give it to our little sweetheart for Christmas.

Our granddaughter is 2 1/2 and loves to look at books. She's been sitting in an itty bitty doll's rocking chair everytime she comes over for a visit. It was hysterical the last time she spent a long weekend with us recently because she sat perusing a book in the doll's rocker and then proceeded to get up. Well... when she stood up, the rocker came up with her. She looked shocked and said, "Help Oma I'm stuck. Get it off" with her puzzled look and sweet giggle.

So we know she'll love her very own child's rocking chair that fits properly with her name etc. on it.

What a thoughtful touch to place the Family Tree paperwork under the chair making it even more of a cherished heirloom gift too. A blessed Merry Christmas to all.

We'll be back to order more as the other grandchildren arrive. We also plan to order one in a few months to have in our own home. What a treasure that will be too.”

Suzanne D., Highland Lakes, NJ

“I understand that you are just one of many people that are a part of StandardChair but I want it to be known that my wife and I are very pleased with the delivery today of our two childrens rocker order.

It takes many people to make a company work but it takes better people to make it run well. The order is perfect (as ordered) and I especially can appreciated the workmanship and love put into each product. It might be dificult to produce something of quality once but I measure people when they can produce quality over and over again.

You do not know us. There is no bond between our families. Yet this is the 4th and 5th rocker that we have ordered from your company and you have not disappointed. Those rockers look like you made them just for my family and they are one of a kind. You made 5 families happy, the mothers and fathers of the two children, the 2 sets of grandparents, and us, the aunt and uncle of the two children.

Thank you very much for your effort and all you do.”

Leo & Penny H., Coffeyville, KS

“The rocker was just what I wanted for my 2 year old grandson, a very active toddler, and he loves it. It is absolutely beautiful and so well built – well worth the money. Thank you for making such a great, well constructed product. I plan to order one for each grandchild that comes along.”

Nancy P., Gwynedd Valley, PA

“The childs rocking chair we received to give as a gift is truly a piece of furniture. The rocker was constructed by the craftsman as if he/she knew that this piece will be handed down. There is a difference between something made and something made with love.”

Julia G., Augusta, GA

“We love our chair! It was given to my younger daughter because my older daughter had gotten a rocking chair that was mine and my mother's. My younger daughter is just thrilled to have her very own special kid rocking chair! And she loves that her name is on it!”

Marsha W., Providence, RI

“This is a testimonial to your absolutely beautiful work. The children's rocking chair for my grandson is more beautiful than I had hoped. This will be a family heirloom. I will be ordering more kids rocking chairs for my other grandchildren as well. Not only is the chair absolutely beautiful but your customer service was wonderful to deal with. This has been an absolutely wonderful experience dealing with your company.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.”

Liz L., Watertown, NY

“Yes, I have received the child's rocker that I ordered for my son. It is absolutely beautiful! He will be 3 months old on Christmas Eve and this is his special present this year from Mom and Dad. When I opened the box to see the chair, it took my breath away. It's just a beautiful rocker. I still have my rocking chair from when I was a child and wanted William to have one too. It's a timeless piece that he will be able treasure just as I do the chair I have from my childhood. I will pass along my recommendations to my friends with young children.

You are welcome to use any part of this email as a testimonial.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!”

Brandi R., Hartselle, AL

“The childs rocking chair arrived in perfect condition. It was exactly as ordered. This is our second child's rocker. Last year we ordered one for our grand daughter who was celebrating her first Christmas. The latest one is for our new grandson who happens to be celebrating his first Christmas as well. What a lasting gift. Hopefully, they'll find a time to start their family tree charts that you sent with the chairs. And, I do tell other grandparents we know about the (love forever) children's rocking chair idea.

Thanks for the excellent service and the world class quality you built into your products.”

Deb N., Bloomfield, NJ

“We are extremely pleased with the child rocking chair and plan to order two exceeded expectation, which is such a joy to find today... Thank you for the product and caring to follow up.”

Norman B., Evansville, IN

“Yes, we received the wooden rocking chair and it is absolutely gorgeous! I know that Dylan will have many years of rocking. It is a beautiful chair and he can pass it down to his kids for their enjoyment too!”

Joan B., Casa de Oro, CA

“The child rocking chair is beautiful. I can't wait for Christmas to see our little grandson sit in it. I think the chair will be around long after we are gone. My husband, who is beyond picky, when it comes to woodworking, was also impressed. I am glad I found you online.”

Theresa N., Bethesda, MD

“I am very pleased with my 9 month old grandson’s rocker!!! Right away, he knew to set in it and begin rocking. I seriously don’t think the rocker did it, but he began walking on Xmas Day. Thanks for the follow-up.”

Jesse L., North Richland Hills, TX

“I was so excited to receive my Grandson's Children's Rockin Chair in time for Christmas! I know you had an Ice and Snow storm and were without electric for several days! I absolutely love it! It is so beautiful. It will be in our family for many years to come. What a surprise to see the Family Tree included. What a great idea. I know this Child's Rocking Chair will last until my Grandson has a son. Fabulous quality. Your company will be highly recommended! ”

Leanna G., Wethersfield, CT

“Just received the personalized Classic Child’s Rocker and must let you know how lovely it is indeed. I am so very pleased. I will surely order again if I am so fortunate to have a second grandchild. Thanks.”

Meaghan C., Breckenridge, CO

“Thank you so much for the lovely rocker. Our Granddaughter absolutely adores it. We couldn't have chosen a better selection. We will thoroughly enjoy watching the years roll by and see all of her enjoyment and passing it down to her children. I am so happy I found you on the net. Thank you for an extraordinarily lovely rocker.”

Maura J., Park Ridge, IL

“I just wanted to write you a short note to tell you my granddaughter’s kid rocking chair arrived last night. Oh my, what a Gorgeous job you all did! It is absolutely beautiful and the workmanship is exquisite.”

Beatrice P., Missoula, MT

“Just wanted to let you know how much the rocker I ordered was appreciated. It was for my daughter's first baby. I have just recently ordered a second chair for my son's new baby boy. It's been a wonderful year and the chair is such a great way to remember their births. I was particularly pleased to find the family tree under the seat. I have been doing family genealogy for about 5 years and was able to complete the chart before I gave them the chair. I would recommend the chair as a gift that will stay in the family for generations to come.”

Isabelle S., Hillsboro, MO

“Yes, we loved the chair!! And so do the new Mom and Dad we gave it to. It was a family gift for my in-laws' first child. They have decided to keep it in the family room so all can see the rocker instead of tucking it away in the nursery. Yes, I made sure they had seen the family tree under the chair!”

Anne R., Madisonville, KY

“The kid rocking chair is beautiful and we’re very happy with it. I’ll be sure to pass your name onto anyone I know who would like to order a chair. Ours is a holiday gift for our grandson. Great job, thank you!”

Jack P., Sterling, KS

“We received the child rocking chair for our granddaughter, and we couldn't be more pleased. It is beautiful. If I hear of anyone looking for a rocker, I'll be sure and tell them about your company.”

Virginia T., Cordova, TN

“Recd the kid rocking chair today. The photos do not do it justice. The qualiy of wood, workmanship and finish is simply extraordinary. The Brass plate and engraving will make this an heirloom. Have a new grandson. Will be back with you next Christmas.”

Hank Z., Jackson, MI

“HI it came .. I am JUST THRILLED! More friends will follow..Joanne & Mike will order shortly.. many more grandparents I am sure! send me an easy link for Gail.”

Gail D., Lake City, FL

“We received the rocker. My grand-daughter loves it! I wish I knew how to send pictures online. I have one of her that is just so cute. She is smiling from ear to ear!”

Bill C., Dearborn, MI

“Kids rocker arrived and it is lovely. I wish I had known of your company when I ordered for the previous 4 grandchildren. Unfortunately, this was our last little one, but I will definitely recommend you to friends.”

Karen L., Casper, WY

“I received the childs wooden rocker in perfect condition and it is absolutely beautiful. I'm delighted with it. It was also packaged very well. Thank you so much!”

Chris H., Mena, AR

“It is a very beautiful rocker for kids - the grandkids haven’t seen it yet but I can’t wait until they do!”

Beverly A., Medford, OR

“The chair I ordered was for my new niece who lives in Lincoln, NH and was born September 27, 2007. I had in mind what I was looking for as a Christmas gift for her, but hadn't been able to find it around my area of Charleston, WV. When I saw this child rocking chair on the Internet, I knew it was perfect! My brother called me the other day to let me know that it had arrived and was just beautiful. Good to know. Thanks for providing such a beautiful piece for my beautiful niece.”

Susan D., Charleston, WV

“Received rocker in perfect condition and we're very pleased with the looks and quality of construction. I've shone it to friends and they plan to order one for their grandchild's next birthday. Also, I did find the family tree chart. Thanks for the fast service. Our granddaughter will love her new rocker when she opens it Christmas morning.”

Michelle J., Artesia, NM

“The child rocking chair was better than I hoped for. The personalization on the back will help to make this a cherished gift for my grandbaby. ”

Perry C., Cranford, NJ

“Yes, I have received my chair and am very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of the rocker. I am sure it was last for a long time and provide many childhood memories for my granddaughter. The family tree is a very nice idea. Thanks again for your prompt's also nice to know that someone cares about the quality and service of their product.”

Alberta N., Morrilton, AR

“This child's rocker was purchased for my grandson for Christmas. "Tyler" is my first grandchild and although he is only 3 months old at this time, the rocker will be a beautiful addition to the nursery decor until he is big enough to enjoy his very own chair. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and workmanship, and the engraving is perfect. This is something he will have forever and can hand down to his children. The family tree forms attached under the rocker seat is quite a unique idea. I look forward to purchasing another and another, for all my grandchildren yet to come!”

Natalie L., Jasper, AL

“Thank you so much for the quick response to my order of the childrens wooden rocker. We received it on Friday, December 14th. We were extremely delighted with the chair. Very nice workmanship. We love the chair and plan to order more in the future when we become grandparents again. Thank you again for being so prompt and on the excellent workmanship.”

Elena O., Bismarck, ND

“The rocker arrived and we could not have been more pleased. The quality of the wood and the finish is perfect. The name on the top looks wonderful. This will be a super piece to have in the family forever. Yes, we saw the family tree. My son and his wife will be very excited about this. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone needing an heirloom. Hope we will use your services again, if another grandchild happens to come along. Thank you for everything. ”

Karen G., Necedah, WI

“We arrived in Utah. The kid rocking chair was already here and is in perfect condition. Thanks for great service. The rocker is beautiful! ”

Renee K., St. Paul, MN

“Sorry I took so long to reply. I could'nt love this rocker any more than I do! It is made to last many many years and the family tree is just an added treat. I am especialy pleased that it was made in the USA by a non corperated co. Thank you so very much and Merry Christmas.”

Marie G., Layton, UT

“The Standard Chair I purchased as a Christmas present for our daughter is beautiful, very well build and Marisa absolutely loves it. I am proud to have purchased such a quality gift and it adds a touch of elegance to our living room. it is a stark contrast to the plastic she received and it will be a treasure for years to come and hopefully a gift to her children.”

Dennis T., LaGrande, OR

“Thank you so much for the beautiful child rocking chair. We still have to wait for 2 weeks to give it to our granddaughter for her 1st birthday. I am patiently waiting. We love the craftsmanship. It turned out so very beautiful. It's something she will have for many years and hopefully pass on to her children and grandchildren. We will gladly recommend your company to anyone looking for a beautiful and unique gift.”

Jean V., Plattsburgh, NY

“Just wanted you to know the child wooden rocking chair is nicer than we could even have imagined. Ally was rocking in it and my grandson called me and said "where is his?", so I will be sending in another order. ”

Bonnie N., Silverhill, AL

“I received the rocker and it is beautiful! The chair is a birthday gift for my first grandchild's first birthday (she is also my mothers, my daughters and my namesake). I'm sure the chair will be passed down many generations and hopefully more name sakes. Thank you so much for your great craftsman ship and customer service. ”

Suzanne T., Liberty, TX

“The Rocker was a gift and it was a huge success. It is the second time I bought one and they are the very best. Thank you.”

Sharon F., Lyndonville, VT

“Thank you, we received the lovely rocker yesterday. Looking forward to giving it to our first grandchild next mo. Will continue to order one for each grandchild to come on their 2nd birthday. Our son and his wife are due with a little boy next mo., so here we go on #2. ha I love the tradition and sentimentality of the rockers!!! A great keepsake!”

Shelly B., Seattle, WA

“We are super pleased. The rocker came much quicker than I'd expected and is just beautiful. Emma is delighted with her rocker. Thank you so much. ”

MaryAnn S., Mesa, AZ

“I love the childs rocking chair. I'm giving it to my granddaughter for her 1st birthday next weekend. I'm very pleased and I love the family tree. I have another granddaughter turning one this fall. She'll get a childs rocker, too.”

Tracy K., Gulfport, MS

“Thank you for following up with us. The rocker arrived about a week ago, as I recall. My husband and I gave it as a first birthday to our neighbor's child. I'm happy to say that parents AND the baby, Bridget, LOVE it. I still have the rocking chair I received as a child (about 54 years ago) which I keep in a corner of our dining room. One day Bridget was visiting with her parents, and Bridget got a bit fussy, so as a distraction I took her into the dining room to explore. She found and fell in love with my rocking chair so when her first birthday rolled around, I went in search of a keepsake rocker for her. Needless to say that search led me to the internet and your website which seemed to be JUST what I was looking for. I must admit I was a bit leary about making a fairly substantial purchase, price-wise, over the internet, sight unseen, but I decided to take a risk. When the chair arrived my husband and I were thrilled and so was the recipient, as I've said. The chair is almost identical in design to my own rocking chair -- which was really amazing to us -- after so many years. I will definitely keep Standard Chair in mind as a I hope to have an opportunity in the future to give this kind of keepsake to my own grandchildren or other 'special' child. ”

Pat B., Langhorne, PA


Cindy D., Vermillion, SD

“I just want to say that I recived the rocking chair on 8/22/08 and was thrilled with it, my son and daughter-in-law were also thrilled with the quality and craftmanship of the chair, my granddaughter sat in it and seemed to like it just wanted to say again how happy and satisified I was. You may use this in your testimonials. Thank you again. ”

Sharon J., Corona, CA

“Thank you for the correspondence. My grandaughter unwrapped her child rocker last night for her 2nd birthday. She took her new baby and immediately went to rock her! She loves it. I am very pleased with the quality of the rocker and hope it gets handed down from generation to generation. It's beautiful! We were surprised by the family tree and I thought it was a great touch!

Thank you again for getting it to her on time!”

Lois W., Akron, OH

“Our child's rocker is absolutely beautiful. It's just what I had in mind when we were looking for a rocking chair that she could pass down. I love the family tree that comes with it. It's beautiful enough to display long after she's outgrown it. I'm sure it will be in our family for years to come...

Please feel free to use this email as testimonial to the quality of your product. We couldn't be more pleased.”

Michaline P., Plainfield, NC

“Benjamin loves his baby rocker! He sits in mine at my house, and his at home. The rocker is his favorite place to crawl into and look at books.

I did see the family tree under the seat and pointed it out to my daughter. I received a rocker which is identical except for the lettering on my 2nd birthday ( I have pictures). I am now 59 and purchased this one for my grandson who was 2 on the 18th of August. I had no idea where mine came from, but when I saw your website I have a feeling it was from you, especially since my mother's family was from MA. Was your company around that long ago? ”

Charleen A., Davenport, IA

“The personalized childrens rocking chair is of the highest quality. We have made it a tradition to purchase each of our grandchildren a chair that is very usable and will stand the test of time. The engraving is perfect.

Didn’t note the family tree on the bottom but will notify our daughter. ”

Rosemarie Y., Vienna, VA

“We received the childs rocker yesterday, and it is beautiful......a real heirloom.”

Jack S., Rock Hill, SC

“The rocker arrived safely and it was beautiful. We delivered it to the family of the baby boy and they were thrilled with it. We did see the special family tree under the rocker and Max's mother will be filling in the information. Thank you for making such a beautiful child's rocker.”

Paula T., Belchertown, MA

“Our daughter received her chair as a gift for her 2nd birthday from her grandparents. The chair is beautiful, well made, and it is obvious that care went into making it. Thank you for the great craftsmanship! We hope to have this chair in the family for many years to come. ”

Sophie and Al T., Long Island, NY

“Thank you so much for the follow up. The chair is absolutely beautiful and the engraving looks fantastic. We love it!”

Claire L., Mustang, OK

“The rocking chair was received on 8/5/08 and it is just fantastic I had purchased it for my granddaughter's 1st birthday and she really seems to like it. Thank you so much for the beatiful chair. ”

Sandy C., Troy, NH

“I purchased one of your rocking chairs for my grandaughter Ella who will be one year old in a few days. It is a beautiful rocker and very well constructed. She immediately took to it and plays with it for hours. All her bears, bunnies and dollies seem to enjoy it too!!

“I would definitely recommend this rocking chair to any "grandma" who wants something special and that will be passed on to future generations. The color is true to the photo, it is sturdy and beautifully constructed.

Thank you!”

Josephine H., Northridge, CA

“Yes we received our beautiful rocking chair , I only took it out of the box once to inspect it and put it right backnside. The chair was flawless. I knew when I saw the chair on you're website it was the one for our little granddaugter.

“Her first birthday isn't for another two weeks so it will stay in the box til then. Although she is too young to appreciate the chair now ,in time she will cherish this gorgeus piece of furniture.

“I have to put in a good word for Anne in your customer service department. After I placed the ordered I called you're company and talked with Anne because I was anxious about receiving the chair in time for our angel's birthday. I told Anne I would even drive to Gardner to pick up the chair. Anne guarenteed me the chair would arrive on time and explained to me the procedure if there was a problem. She was very nice and she was right.

“I would definately recommend your company to anyone interested in childrens rockers and I will be a repeat customer for any future grand children.

Thank you for being so nice. ”

Rick Y., Danbury, CT

“Yes we did receive the rocker. We are very pleased, so much words really can't express. We ordered this childs rocking chair for our 2nd child. My husband's uncle is a furniture rep and one of his biggest suppliers had sold the rockers. This is how we first became familiar with them. My husband's parents had gotten one for our daughter (our first child). We loved it so much that when we became pregnant with our second we told them we had to have another one. Our daughter, now 3 years old, loves to sit and rock while reading books. Well, we found out that the company was going out of business. I was so upset, thinking my son and possible other future children would not have this wonderful herilome. Well, I went to work searching on the net for another company for something similar. At first all I could find was "toy" children rockers or rockers that did not have the traditional look I wanted. Until I found your information, Standard Chair. I could not believe it. We were so happy. At first I was little unsure of the gold accents on the chair but after communication your company we decided to keep the accents. We received the chair about 1 week ago. It is beautiful and I am very pleased we kept the accents as well. The customer service of Standard Chair is unbettable, the quality surpass all others. The family tree that is stored under the chair is something that we did not get with our first. We love that special touch and how nice to have it stored with the chair. I am so pleased to have such a keep-sake for our son. Thank you so much. We look forward to ordering more chairs as God blesses us with additional children - and grandchildren much later.”

Laura S., Lewiston, ID

“Yes, the childs rocker arrived in perfect condition and I did find the "tree" included with the rocker. I really like that idea and I love the rocking chair. I plan to give it to my grandson for his first birthday which is coming up. Thank you for following up - all is well - I love the rocker!”

Robin, O., Las Vegas, NV

“I just wanted to let you know the toddler rocking chair arrived in Australia on Saturday. We saw our grandson rocking in it on Skype over a video camera. They all love the chair. Thank you for the extra effort in getting the toddler rocker shipped. My daughter in law had never seen a child size rocker.

All the best to you and your company.”

Kandice H., Natchitoches, LA

“The childs rocking chair arrived beautifully packaged and when we opened it, we couldn't believe the quality. The cherry wood was just gorgeous and our child's name and birthday engraving looks fantastic. We can't wait to give the childs rocker to our son for his 2nd birthday in a few weeks. Thanks so much!”

Lisa K., Amesbury, MA


Noni P., Forest, VA

“Yes we are very pleased and will certainly recommend Children's Rocking Chairs to anyone who asks - thanks again.”

Karen R., Fairbanks, AK

“Yes I recieved my child rocker and it's absolutely beautiful. I purchased it for my Granddaughter and I am sure she will enjoy her kids rocking chair for years to come. Thanks very much.”

Ted U., Thornton, CO

“Just opened the baby rocker this a.m. and love it. This is a gift for our grandson for Christmas. We gave his sister one for Christmas last year. The rocker has become the traditional gift for each grandchilds' first Christmas. The quality is the best and will be with them forever. ”

Carla L., Auburn, NY

“The baby rocker is beautiful. So much more than expected. I highly recommend this to anyone. ”

Bernie N., Hiram, OH

“We have received the children's rocking chair, and absolutely LOVE it! The child's rocking chair everything we hoped it would be. Thanks for the follow up.”

Alli B., Holland, MI

“Sierra's childs rocking chair was a big hit at her Birthday Party. She started rocking as soon as it was unboxed. Parents and grandparents were all asking how to order.”

Bob D., Deltona, FL

“We are ecstatic about our childs rocker! We can't wait until Noah's birthday to have him open it at the party – we've kept the beautiful childs rocker a secret! We definitely will leave a comment and recommend the company. The beauty of the childs rocking chair advertises itself!”

Ben R., Milford, IN

“The childs rockers arrived, as promised, just in time for Christmas. They are beautiful!! My daughters were thrilled with the heirloom quality, paricularly the laser engraving of the names as opposed to the standard painted names on most other childs rockers. They have both placed the rockers in their respective living rooms so that my little grandson and granddaughter will have a place to perch during family time. Thank you so much for providing such a beautiful product and for your efficient handling of my order.”

Louise M., Fayetteville, NC

“We did receive the child's rocking chair. It appears to be in perfect order –although we did not completely unpack it. We did check the spelling and the birthdate.

It is a birthday present for our second granddaughter and won’t be fully opened until February 16. We will check under the child's rocker at that time for the family tree.

We think your child's rocking chairs are spectacular.

Our son and d-i-l still cannot get over the one we gave our first granddaughter Fiona and begged us to do the same for Haley. We always had every intention of doing so.

Thanks so much for maintaining such high quality in your products especially in a time when so many people are not.”

Lucy B., Pottstown, PA

“I did receive the child's rocking chair, thank you so much for getting it to me before Christmas. It is absolutely beautiful, I love it. The childs rocker is for my first grandchild and continues a tradition my mom started for her grandchildren years ago and that was their own wooden rocking chair for their first Christmas. I will definitely tell my friends about your beautiful furniture”

Lynn K., Parkton, MD

“The children's rocking chair arrived in good shape. Everyone that has seen it, thinks its great! It is a Christmas gift to my granddaughter so not many have seen it, but I am sure the childs rocking chair will be a hit.

Thank you, I will tell people about your chairs.”

Ginny R., Bunnell, FL

“This is the second kids rocking chair that I have ordered from you, both were gifts to my grandchildren. I can't thank you enough for these kids rockers. The quality of the rockers is spectacular. A perfect gift. I did not notice the family tree, and I have already wrapped it back up for his present. But you can be sure that I will look for it when it is opened in April. Thank you again. ”

Jeanne, Q., St. Cloud, MN

“Our youngest, Camden, loves his child's rocker. We received many compliments on it over the holidays - especially when Master Camden was sitting in it and receiving presents. Thanks for a wonderful gift!”

Pam B., Mexico, NY

“We received my grand daughter's childs rocker on Monday. We are extremely pleased with the craftmenship and quality of the childs rocker. My daughter loves it. I would highly recommend your company to anyone.”

Veronica M., Campbell, CA

“The children's rocking chairs arrived on Monday and we have opened one – will open the second at Drew’s birthday party tomorrow. Michelle’s is beautiful, and she and family can take it home when they come for Drew’s party! Thank you for getting them here earlier than anticipated. Yes, we found the envelope on the bottom of the child's rocking chair and have left it for mom and dad to open. The next grandchild is due in July, so I will be in touch around next May to order one for his/her first birthday!”

Angel M., Fargo, ND

“I received the child’s rocker this afternoon and it is beautiful and arrived in good/excellent shape. I plan to use it for the child first birthday. I’ll be contacting you in late May/early June because I have another grandchild who will be I year old in early July. Thank you for making and sending such a beautiful child’s rocker. ”

Chrissy A., Berea, OH

“I did indeed receive my child's rocker on Monday. My best testimonial is that this is my second child's rocker from you. My first grandchild received his child's rocker for his first birthday on October 29, 2006. And now my second grandchild will receive her child's rocker on her first birthday on July 3, 2009. I ordered early to make sure I would have the for this special occasion! They are beautiful -- heirloom quality.”

Mary L., Denham Springs, LA

“We love the child's rocker. I had one that my grandparents purchased for me when I was a small boy and that company is now out of business. Your's is similar and georgous with the wonderful addition of the family tree on the underside. I highly recommend this child's rocker to anyone looking for quality craftsmanship in a maple rocker. As soon as it came out of the box my son sat in it and smiled. ”

Michael D., La Grange, GA

“Our granddaughter LOVES her new childrens rocking chair. She is especially facinated with the personalization; her name and hand prints. She enjoys rocking, reading, and relaxing in it. A precious keepsake for a very precious little girl.”

Connie Z., Kingston, MA

“I absolutely LOVE the chair and can't wait to give it to my granddaughter on her first birthday the end of June! We have another grandchild on the way, and you can be assured that I will be ordering another chair for that one and any future grandchildren! ”

Donna S., Storm Lake, IA

“Thank you so much for your email. We could not be happier with the childrens rocking chair. It is absolutely beautiful and our daughter loves it! We were also very pleased with how quickly we got it. Thank you so much! ”

Carla L., Thompsonville, IL

“You are absolutely wonderful to deal with and the quality of the childs rocker is outstanding.”

Patty, A., Butler, OK

“Thank you for your GREAT service, and the perfect Child's Rocker...I love it, the parents love it and the child loves it. so it was a PERFECT GIFT for my great grand daughters first birthday!....Thank you. ”

Virginia R., Hodgenville, KY

“My one year old grandaughter loves her new childs rocker, so does her mommie! She doesn't want to get out of it! She just rocks and rocks. Thank you for the beautiful childrens rocking chair!”

Lois D., Freeport, ME

“The kids love the childs rockers! Thank you so much and I will forsure give your name out to anyone wanting to buy that something special! Thank you.”

Sandi B., Washington, KS

“We received the toddler rocking chair on Monday and it is absolutely beautiful, even better than I had hoped. I can't wait until Christmas to give it to our 16 month old granddaughter. What a special treasure. Thank you for such a quality piece of furniture.”

Mary K., Clackamas, OR

“Thank you so much for the creation of my grandson’s beautiful kids rocking chair. I am so anxious to present it to him on Christmas morning. It is a heirloom treasure that he will enjoy for generations to come. Again, thank you so much!!! We love it more and more every time we look at it!”

Emily T., Northfield, VT

“Yes, I LOVE the childs rocker... not yet delivered it to my grandson... the Family Tree was a special extra.”

Shelby L., Powell, WY

“We have a child's rocking chair for my son and we absolutely love it and can't wait to see our daughters. Thanks you!”

Jan T., Irvington, VA

“I received the beautiful childs rocking chair on Monday of this week. It was the most beautiful rocking chair for a child I had ever seen. I loved the writing of my little granddaughter's name and birthdate on it too. I can't wait for her parents to help her open it and see the beauty of it also. It is for my only little granddaughter who is turning one in April. It will be a keepsake rocking chair in our family forever. Great Work!”

Connie H., Logan, WV

“We were very pleased with the child's rockers we ordered a year and a half ago for our two grand daughters, so we knew we would order one for our son's son when he turned one as well!:)”

Sue Y., Campbellsville, KY

“We Loved the childs rocking chair and so did our Grandson. Thank you so much for getting it here on time. I hope it lives up to it's beauty. We just love it. thanks again. ”

Billie G., Benton, AR

“I have received the childs rocking chair and I love it. It is for my Granddaughter. She will receive it for her 1st Birthday in a week. I believe this rocking chair will be in her family for years to come. I love the chair geneology chart you sent as well. I'm one happy client. Thank you.”

Sam J., Fallon, NV


Gloria H., Mobile, AL

“I have bought two of these childs rocking chairs for my grandbabies first birthdays. They are even more beautiful than the pictures show. They have been a great hit. The kids love them. I will make this a tradition for future grandchildren.”

Cindy M., Concrete, WA

“Bought childs rocker for my first grandchild's 1st birthday and now 2 1/2 yrs later buying for his borther's first birthday, very happy with quality, size and workmanship. Beautiful children's rocking chair for them to enjoy and then hopefully give to their children.”

Kay F., Bellview, NE

“I am absolutely thrilled with my grandsons child's rocker. It is even more beautiful in person. You have excedeed my expectations. I was so proud to give this gift. As my family grows I will be returning to buy each grandchilds rocking chair.”

Cherie C., Rumford, ME

“I received the childs rocker and was so pleased with it. The delivery was timely. The style is exactly like the one I received from my Godmother in 1951. The only difference was, mine is made of mahogany.

I made a little cushion for the rocker's seat and it was a big hit at the birthday party. After my 1-year old granddaughter sat on it, she rocked and had a broad smile on her face. She loved it! I found the family tree under the seat - what a great surprise. Thank you!”

Jenna D., Paden City, WV

“I love the childs rocking chair - it is for my first grandchild's first birthday. I hope to be buying more childs rockers in the coming years! My children each have a college chair from your company -purchased through the college bookstore, so when I saw the child's rocker I knew it was a must have gift. I did see the family tree - what a great idea!

Thank you for a wonderful product and great service. ”

Ellen G., Welsh, LA

“We are thrilled with the child's is even more beautiful in person ....

Thank you for your prompt service. ”

Lou P., Fallbrook, CA

“Yes, I received the child's rocker and it was everything that I hoped it would be. My grandson loves it and I know it will bring years of enjoyment to him and others.

I will continue to share the information of your quality chairs with others. ”

Jeani Q., Allendale, MI

“We received the childs rocker in time for my grandson's birthday. Thank you for rushing the order. The rocker is beautiful and the quality outstanding. Truly a heirloom to be passed to future generations.

Thank you for your great service and follow up to be sure that that the childs rocker arrived safely. ”

Lucinda B., New Castle, DE

“I had ordered a child's rocking chair for this granddaughter's sister, and it was so beautiful that I would never order from anyplace else. Thank you for the quality that I love. I'm sure both children will appreciate these chairs into adulthood when they have children of their own who will use the rocking chairs.”

Todd D., Seymour, WI


Gerald M., Caliente, NV

“Yes! I haven't seen them yet, but the parents of the twin recipients say the childrens rocking chairs are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing for myself at the end of May when we visit the grand twins.

Thank you for your good service. By the way, these are the 2nd and 3rd child's rocker's I've purchased from you. And I was particularly pleased when I first found you online, because members of my family (a great uncle and a cousin) used to own a chair factory in Gardner, Mass.”

Charlotte B., Columbia, SC

“Thank you for inquiring. Yes, we did receive the childs rocker and when we brought it to our grandson he and the parents were elated with it. We did notice the family tree info on the bottom of the childs rocking chair. I scanned your brochure and sent it to my other grandson who just graduated from Brown University and suggested he purchase one of the rockers with some of the money we had given him. He responded that he would check into it.

Incidentally, my granddaughter received the book you sent her and is pleased with that also.”

Gerti T., Glendale, AZ

“The childs rocker is absolutely beautiful..........that's why I got another one for my granddaughter so she has one just like her brother. Your products are amazing and so is your customer service. Thank you so much.”

Roxanne C., Honolulu, HI

“We finally saw our grand-daughter's childs rocking chair "in person" and simply love it! She loves it, too! This childs rocking chair is something that she can pass along to her children and many generations to come. The wood, design and craftsmanship is perfect. Thank you for an excellent shopping experience. The chair was delivered to Emma on her 1st birthday - during her birthday party. Perfect! ”

Leah S., Washington, DC

“I received the childs rocking chair and it's absolutly beautiful! And I did note the family tree under the seat. I am sure this kids rocking chair will be in my family for generations to come. Thank you for the timely delivery! I can't wait until Christmas morning to see the faces of my grandaughter and her parents! ”

Toni U., Garland, TX

“The child's rocking chair is perfect! It's a beautiful piece of furniture that will stand the test of a child's growing years. We'll be buying one soon for our next grandchild! But, we must wait until he has a name! :)

Thanks for a beautiful product and excellent service.”

Wanda D., Oceanside, CA

“I want to tell you that today I gave the childs rocking chair to my first and probably only Granddaughter for her FIRST birthday! It was a wonderful gift that will be hers throughout her life. To be truthful, I had not even opened the box prior to wrapping it up today. I had full confidence from your web site and the condition of the box that it came in that there would be no problems. Your web site gives accurate information and pictures, and the childs rocking chair itself is so beautiful. ”

Carla B., Edgefield, SC

“We received the childs rocker and I am thrilled with it. I plan to do this for each of my grandkids hopefully I will have more. Thank you and I will tell my friends and family about the childs rocker.”

Phyllis R., Barboursville, WV

“I would like to thank you for your prompt service. I am very please with the childs rocker and Anna loves it. It was very nice doing business with you and I will pass the word on to all my friends.”

Marylee C., Dayton, OH

“I was very happy with the delivery of my grandbabies childrens rocking chairs. It even came earlier than I expected. Both my daughters recieved Boston rockers when they were young. But 25years later rockers have gone up in price. Doing research I found yours to be of high quality and affordable. I am sure my twin grandbabies will be happy and my daughter as well. ”

Rosanne Z., New Hyde Park, NY

“Our daughters baby rocker did arrive and it is absolutely beautiful! Her birthday is this week-we are sure she will love and cherish it for many years to come! ”

Kathy K., Frankford, DE

“Yes I did receive the toddler rocking chair and it was very nice. This was my third rocker to buy from you in the past 3 years. My Grandchildren will have them for many years to come!

The workmanship is wonderful!”

Meredith F., Steven's Point, WI

“We received the childrens wooden rocking chair last week and we were thrilled with it. We are giving it to our first grandchild (a girl) on her birthday at the end of this month! She loves to rock in our rockers so we decided to get her one of her own. I remember owning one as a child but it was not of this quality and craftsmanship. We are trying to teach her about some of the finer things of life and this childs rocker will certainly be one of those things for her. Thanks for sending the rocker in time for her birthday and I know she will love the fact that it's her very own chair with her name on it.”

Gwynne A., Marshville, NC

“Yes, I received the child's rocker and it was abosolutely beautiful. I also ordered another one for my grandaughter. And yes, I did find the family tree. Thanks again!”

Bethi P., Madison, SD

“Received yesterday. The Childrens Rocking Chair is the 2nd one I've ordered in 3 years for grandchildren; they are special and we love them. Especially touching is the fact that my parents bought my 31 year old daughters in Gardner- oh so many years ago.”

Linda B., Niagra Falls, NY

“Thank you all at Standard Chair. The child's rocker, the engraving, the family tree... exceeded any expectations we had. It is just wonderful and we wanted to say thanks! ”

Heidi T., Jackson, MS

“We received the childrens rocking chair today that we ordered for our granddaughter Libby. It is absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to give it to our granddaughter for Christmas. It arrived in perfect condition and I want to thank you for your advice on the font. I appreciated your help and hopefully there will be other grandchildren some day that we can order more chairs for. Happy Holidays.”

Margaret B., Kissimmee, FL

“We love the childs rocker and think he will as well.”

Krissi K., Santa Fe, NM

“Love the kids rocking chair!”

Luci O., Hutchinson, KS

“I received our granddaughter's childs rocker the other day and couldn't wait to open the box. It was beautiful and everything I hoped it would be. Thank you for such great service!”

Donna H., Radcliff, VA

“We love the baby rocker. Our 2 year old daughter loves it and we look forward to getting one for each of our babies as they arrive over time.”

Carol S., Maryville, TN

“I LOVE this children's rocking chair!!!!! It is more than I ever imagined. The workmanship was extraordinary. It is a piece of furniture that will be in my granddaughter’s life for many, many years. We did see the family tree. What a wonderful touch to an already magnificent gift. I’m so pleased that I ordered from your company, and I did a lot of research before making a final decision and purchase. You do great work!”

Kim W., Akron, OH

“I received the child rocking chair on Friday. It's exactly what I expected. It's beautifully made and should be a wonderful heirloom. Thank you.”

Patricia R., San Antonio, TX

“We received the child's rocker last week Thursday. We took a peek at the child's rocker before it was wrapped for Christmas. The chair is so beautiful!!! This will most certainly be a family keepsake.”

Traci F., Belton, MS

“Yes, the childrens rocking chair did arrive and is all that we expected and could have hoped for. Our 18- month old grandson took immediately to it and loves it.

And yes, we did find the family tree.”

Lynne A., Dover, NH

“I just ordered a childs rocking chair for Christmas---I love having the tradition of getting your wonderful rocking chairs for the Christmas after turning two!! My grandson's chair is still as beautiful as when we first received it!!!”

Mallory W., Alexandria, IN

“I love these childs rocking chairs and so do my Great Grandchildren! Keep up the good work. Great quality and modest cost.”

Alleana P., Greensburg, PA

“Beautiful product! I LOVE giving these baby rockers to very special babies on very special occasions.”

Ella B., Cedar Falls, IA

“Just wanted to say that we LOVE our kids rocking chair, and will recommend it to anyone & everyone that we know who would enjoy one of these. Thank you!!”

Jodie G., Woonsocket, RI

“It has become a tradition to purchase your heirloom quality childrens rocking chairs for my grandchildren, which they all absolutely love! The rocking chairs are beautiful, well constructed, and well worth the money. Having just ordered my fourth, I plan to order one for each grandchild that is added to our family.”

Nichelle R., Salem, OR

“I purchased the child's rocking chair for my Granddaughter. She was thrilled to open the box on Christmas day. The child's rocking chair is of excellent quality and workmanship. She will enjoy it for many years and be able to pass it down to her children and grandchildren. The rocking chair is everything I hoped for in this gift to my granddaughter.”

Pam B., Delano, MN

“The childs wooden rocking chair is beautiful and my daughter loves it! I love the family tree underneath. We are having our second little girl in a few months so we will definitely be ordering another one to match!

Thanks again for the excellent service!”

Mandi B., Crosbyton, TX

“I was very happy with the childrens rocking chair I got my first grandaughter. Her sister wanted a child's rocker, too.”

Melissa K., Greenville, NC

“Our UPS man just delivered three beautiful childrens rocking chairs. They are absolutely stunning! The quality, craftsmanship and workmanship are unbeatable. Thank you, thank you for making “Oma” look really good this Christmas. The childs rockers will be treasured for years to come!”

Aurora C., Pepper Pike, OH

“The child's rocking chair for my grandson arrived in perfect condition and I absolutely love it! I can hardly wait till Christmas to show it to him. Thank you for your great product and service. I have already mentioned your company to a few of my friends who are also grandparents.”

Laura I., Coffeyville, KS

“I am a returning customer. For my grandchildrens' first Christmas I always give them a rocker. Your children's rocking chairs are sturdy and of heirloom quality. I am very pleased with your product.”

Annilynn, B., Zebulon, GA

“When I got home last night the childrens rockers were on our front porch waiting for me. I wasn't able to take them out of the boxes because the person receiving the gifts were at our house but will do a check on them tonight. What I did peek and look at almost made me cry they were so beautiful.”

Billi D, Franklin, LA

“I am very pleased with the child's rocker for my granddaughter's first birthday. Thank you. It arrived in perfect shape and I did notice the family tree under the seat. So special. I am so pleased with this second chair that I've ordered that I plan to order a third chair just to have at my house for the little ones to use when they come here. This one looks so cute under the tree with a large doll sitting in it.”

Jenny B., Eagle Butte, SD

“Loved the child's rocker for my grandson. He did too. Ordered another one for a baby gift for a friend. Also, I have already given your information to a friend and she ordered one for her grandson for Christmas, too. It is a great gift.”

Elaine O., Greenfield, MA

“Yes, we received the child's rocker and were so excited! It is a beautiful rocking chair and the quality was indeed what we were hoping for. We like it so well we think that you should make tables and chairs for children, too, with the same color combinations. We would for sure buy a set!”

Karla E., Celina, TX

“Yes, I did receive the two childrens rocking chairs that I ordered for my twin grandchildren. They are just beautiful and when I did open the box I truly was touch by the craftmanship that went into the rocking chair. What an heirloom to hand down to the next generation. I have already spread the word and I am sure more of my friends will be in contact with your company. Thank you again and thank you for making this gift such a special memory for years to come even into the next generation.”

Evelyn Z., Bloomington, IL

“We received the two childrens rocking chairs last Friday. They are beautiful and I am very pleased with them. They are for our two grandsons (18 mo. and 15 mo.) Both rocking chairs are now sitting in our living room awaiting Christmas. The 18-month grandson lives nearby and has rocked in both of them. One chair will travel with us to San Francisco to be given to our younger grandson.

Yes, we saw the family tree documents and my husband and I have been looking through family records to complete our "branches" - a record going from Virginia, to American Indian territory, to California. Other "branches" will go to Sweden, The Czech Republic, Italy and undoubtedly other parts of Europe. It will be interesting reading for the grandsons - when they learn to read.

It is delightful to find a product that is so well-crafted and a company that is so proud of and interested in its product that it sends a follow-up email. I'm grateful that I discovered Standard Chair of Gardner. Wishes for a wonderful Christmas and new year.”

Pauline M., Central City, KY

“The child's rocking chair arrived at my daughter's house in Texas on th 14th. She let the baby have it right away, which she was supposed to wait until Christmas but you know how hard it is to keep those secrets somethimes. My Grandaughter loves it. She sits & rocks herself and her baby doll. And when her Dad acted as if he was going to sit in it, she told him "No No Daddy" I haven't got to see it yet, but will soon. My daughter said it was very beautiful and matches her furniture perfectly. The information engraved in the wood if perfect and she loved the gold painted in the tooling of the chair.

The real story behind this rocking chair is this; I was going to build her one for Christmas. Her mother said that the granddaughter is trying to sit in rocking chairs like adults but is just to small, so she asked me to get her a chair for Christmas. I thought building on would make it very special, not only to the baby but for the family as well. I was looking for some plans on the internet when I came across your website. Time was getting short and this rocking chair look like just what I was wanting to build and probably much nicer. You know the story from there. I am satisfied with the choice I made and will recomend your products to everyone.

Thank you so much for making my granddaughter's Christmas so wonderful.”

Jack B., North East, MD

“Childrens rocking chair arrived in perfect condition. This is the 3rd rocking chair I've purchased for a grandchild. They are always a big hit with kids and parents. A perfect keepsake. Thanks for building a perfect product. I wish more American companies would follow your example.”

Karen M., Stonington, CT

“This is for our third grandchild. These are the most beautifully made childs rocking chairs ever. My granddaughters love theirs. I know our grandson will as well. Please never go out of business.”

Terrie C., Washington, DC

“We love the child's rocking chair and more importantly, so did our granddaughter!”

Natasha N., Enterprise, AL

“First, let me say thank you for delivering the child's rocker on time. We knew it would be close so we chose “rush” delivery … but you even got it to us a little sooner than promised. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has excellent customer service!

Next, let me say that the child's rocking chair took my breath away! It is a magnificent piece of furniture with outstanding craftsmanship. Truly an heirloom piece!! We will be giving this rocker to every grandchild, as they come along. We will also be looking at purchasing other pieces from your collection for retirement or graduation gifts.

Thank you again for making this special event even more memorable.”

The McCoys, Yakama, WA

“We received our childrens rocking chair and it is perfect! Thank you so much for offering such a high quality product. And we love the bonus Family Tree.

We will send you a picture from Christmas morning when our daughter gets her chair!”

Arlene B., Easley, SC

“My daughter is so thrilled with the two childs rockers and complimented the quality. They are really nice. We will recommend to anyone. The two granddaughters will get good use out of the.”

Tim S., Thibodaux, LA

“My Granddaughter's new children's rocking chair has just arrived and it is beautiful! Excellent workmanship and quality...I am thrilled and she will be too. Thank you so much!”

Marci P., Stanford, CA

“I just wanted you to know that I was VERY pleased with the workmanship on the child's rocker. The price we paid for it was WELL worth it. I can't wait to give it to our granddaughter - I know her parents will love it!!”

Maria C., Baden, PA

“This is the third child's rocking chair I'm purchasing. I have purchased a rocker for each of my grandsons. Beautiful rocker, great craftssmanship. Very happpy with the previous rockers.”

Bev D., Fitzwilliam, NH

“I wanted to thank you for the lovely childs rocking chair. You never know what you are going to receive ordering on line. I was stunned by the quality of the workmanship. The finish is so smooth it feels like satin. I read some of the testimonials and as most said, the childs rocker brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so very much again for the rocking chair. Its for my grandson and I know he will love it too.”

Velma T., Pocatello, ID

“Thank you - we received the child's rocking chair in excellent condition - it is beautiful - have two more grandchildren being born this year - this was a 1st birthday gift from the grandparents.”

Sandra K., Callahan, FL

“Received my grandson's childs rockering chair and it's gorgeous! Was very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the childs rocker. It's really beautiful and I can't wait till he sees it on Christmas morning.”

Zach H., Liberty, MO

“So proud to give these beautiful childrens rocking chairs as gifts for special occasions! Beautiful heirloom keepsakes. The receivers are always so surprised and amazed by such a lovely gift.”

Meryl C., Redwood City, CA


Pat M., Gates Mills, OH

“Will definitely recommend your company and the childs rocker - - and may be ordering another in the future myself :-)!”

Maria S., El Paso, TX

“Yes, THANK YOU, the childs rocking chair arrived safely, and we are so pleased with it - - I think our little grandson will love it, and his parents will be thrilled. And yes, we did see the family tree, which was a really nice touch! It is all wrapped for the birthday party this week - - can't wait to give the child's rocker to him :-)!

Thanks again for your excellent workmanship and excellent customer service! ”

The Smith's, Concord, MA

“Everything was great! May be ordering another child's rocker!”

Penny K., Hartford, CT

“We received the childs rocker in perfect condition and we just love it!! We can't wait to give it to our grandson on his first birthday next week. It's beautiful and we hope it is something our grandson will pass down for generations to come.

Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure to work with your company and we hope to order a childs rocker from you for every grandchild that comes our way in the future.”

Donna T., Parrish, FL

“I work at a University Health Center and have done business with your fabulous company for years purchasing captains chairs for resident graduates. Your work is top quality.”

Meg B., Bethany, OK

“Thank you for a follow up letter to confirm the arrival of the order for a childs rocker for my Grandson. It arrived earlier than I expected and is absolutly fantastic. I could not have been more pleased. The craftsmanship was much better than the pictures showed on the internet. The engraving was first class.

I have told a number of friends and family about the little childs rocker and sent pictures. They are very impressed.

Thank you for a fantastic job and to help me create memories for my grandson.”

Laura G., Girard, KS

“My grandson has received his child's rocking chair and he loves it! I was so excited to sit him in it and see the big smile on his little face. Soooo Precious! We all love the rocking chair, therefore I will be ordering another one for my youngest grandson for his 1st birthday!

Thank you so much and I will be in touch soon!”

Paula N., Palatine, IL

“Received the child's rocking chair and love it! Get compliments on it all the time. Was for my grandson for his 1st Birthday. Thank you and very nice work and am super happy!”

Elizabeth D., Spencer, MA


Daisy W., Bishop, VA

“The child's rocker is just beautiful. Josh just loves it.”

Jeanie F., Genoa, CO

“Love the child's rocker!! It's destined to be a family heirloom.”
Bernice T., Quincy, FL

“I received my granddaughter's Childrens Rocking Chair. My wife and I are so pleased with the professional craftmanship as well as the very friendly and personal attention this gift received, that we feel impelled to show you a picture of our granddaughter as she received your sweet gift to us. I will definitely recommend you and your company to all our friends as this is SUCH a unique gift. Thank you so much for all you do to make people like us very gratified. Happy New Year!”

The Bromans, Douglas, AZ

“We were very pleased with the childs rocking chair. It was bought for our first grandchild. We found the family tree under the seat. Wonderful craft work! Thank you!”

Sue S., Ferndale, MI

“I have not personally seen the child's rocking chair we ordered,as we had it shipped to TX as a gift. The recipients said it’s beautiful, and yes – they did find the Family Tree and were very excited about that as well!! We will be traveling in early May for the baby’s Baptism so I’ll get to see the chair in person at that time!”

Lou W., Niles, IL

“Thank you very much for the child's rocking chair. While I am not an expert on these types of things, but both Tina and my Mom were very impressed and confirm that it is “beautiful”.”

Tanya D., Center, ND

“Thank You so much for the wonderful childrens rocking chair. My granddaughter absolutely LOVES it! I will recommend your company to anyone who is in need for a childrens rocking chair.”

Reta P., Sparks, NV

“The child's rocking chair was received. . .it was a gift to one of our employees. He said that although he wasn't an expert on such things, his wife and his mom thought the child's rocking chair was beautiful.

We plan to send this gift to other employees who are expecting new babies.

As far as I can tell. . .there was nothing negative to report on the child's rocking chair. . .and I did mention to the new dad to check under the seat to see the family tree.”

Lyn S., Welsh, LA

“Words don't really describe how pleased my Mom and I are with the childrens rocking chair. It gives us such a warm and amazing feeling to look at it! The workmanship is superb. Yes, we did find the family tree under the seat. We are hoping that this will be a much used rocking chair and cherished through many generations. We were looking for the right gift for my Mom's 7th great grandchild and this was perfect. I had looked at many childrens rocking chairs and they were awful. I am so glad that I found your ad on the internet. We are very pleased with the service and care that you take with your customers.”

Bethi R., Martinsburg, WV

“This is the third grandchild I am ordering a childs rocker from you for. The childs rocking chairs are beautiful, very well made, and the kids love them. Wish I had known about your childs rocking chairs when my six other grandchildren were young. Some were born before computer shopping was so popular.”

Mindy P., Garland, TX

“We finally had the opportunity to see the childs rocking chair when we were in CA this past weekend for the baby’s Christening! The childs rocking chair is just beautiful and I will definitely recommend your company to family and friends in the future!! Very impressive! Thanks again!”

Angelica N., Fombell, PA

“I had the child's rocking chair shipped to my granddaughter for her 1st birthday. I will not see it until March but everyone said it is beautiful. I did receive pictures and it looks just like it was described on your web site. I will wait to show them the family tree. Thank you for delivering what you advertised.”

Gail S., Auburn, NY

“This is to let you know that we received (this evening) the beautiful childrens rocking chair we ordered from you for our granddaughter Sofia Lynn Lajoy. We anticipate that this precious grand child will treasure the rocking chair for a long, long time.

We are so grateful for the fine work and effort that went toward this childrens rocker by Standard Chair of Gardner. Thank you so much.”

Joan and Bob M., Falls City, NE

“The childs rocker was a gift to my granddaughter. I have not, as yet, seen the childs rocking chair myself but my son says it is beautiful. My granddaughter, 2 years old, loves rocking in her new chair. After she rocked for a few minutes, she got off and looked under the chair to see what made it rock. That's when they saw the family tree. I'll see the chair and my granddaugher soon. Thank you for a great rocking chair and your prompt delivery.”

Carole S., Mizpah, NJ

“We love the child's rocker and can't wait for our 3 year old grandson and his parents to see it on Christmas Eve. It waits under the Christmas tree for him. We ordered it after my retirement from Purdue University when I received a rocking chair from the university as a retirement gift. We will be ordering a second child's rocker later as we are expecting a second grandson in March.

Great product and good customer service.”

Phil T., Franklin, TN

“We received the children's rocking chair and are very happy with it.

We plan to give it to our 2yr old grandaughter for Christmas. The laser inscription at the top is just as we requested and I did note the family tree attached to the bottom of the child's rocker. We hope that this will be an heirloom that she can pass down to her own children someday.”

Margot J., Orwell, VT

“I thought you might enjoy seeing these pictures of our granddaughter Zoey with her new child's rocking chair. She loves it as do her parents. Thank you again for the beautiful quality and promptness!”

Rose N., Coolidge, GA

“I was surprised my comments from a previous purchase posted on your website! My wish has come true because this child's rocker order is a first birthday gift for our first grandchild!!! We are just thrilled to give this special gift to him...”

Leslie H., Frankfort, IN

“I just received the personalized childrens rocker I ordered from your company and it is beyond all my expectations. It is absolutely beautiful and of the finest quality. My granddaughter will enjoy this for many years and she will be able to hand it down to her children. Thank you so much. ”

Daniella F., Plainville, CT

“Your child's rocking chairs are beautiful....far better than any others on the market.”

Ralph Z., Yakima, WA

“Thank's so much...the childrens rockers are beautiful and will be a treasured heirloom for our family. I highly recommend your company to all.”

Elaine D., Viola, MN

“Our first order was several years ago and the quality and craftsmanship on that childs rocking chair is exquisite. Our granddaughter still loves it so we're ordering again for another grandchild. Thank you for maintaining such wonderful quality and service over the years.”

Katie P., Bay Shore, NY

“My husband received a chair from his former employer. We loved it so much that we ordered a child's rocker for my first grandson's 1st birthday, and now ordering another for my other grandson's 1st birthday. Will be ordering another chair next year for my granddaughter's 1st birthday. The chairs are beautiful and quality pieces of furniture.”

Alice F., Odem, TX

“Love your child's rockers. Have purchased a few now as baby gifts. Everyone who has received one has loved it!”

Gloria W., Goldvein, VA

“This is the most impressive and beautiful child's rocking chair I have ever seen. Thanks for such a lovely heirloom gift for our special children.”

Millie P., Stoneham, TX

“I picked up the childs rocking chair today. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. PERFECT !!!! My cheeks got wet with tears. Thank you to your whole team !!! Our grand daughter will love it. And the Family Tree is a perfect touch.”

Molly P., Westminster, MA

“I used to work for a furniture company that sold Nichols and Stone furniture. Nichols and Stone also made a children's rocking chair and inscribed the name, etc. Eighteen years ago when my first grandson was born I bought one for his first birthday. I made it a tradition to buy every grandchild the same for their first birthday. I was able to buy the first two one from Nichols and Stone. Then when the third grand was born I wanted to buy one and Nicholas and Stone had gone out of business. I was so disappointed that I could not get another one for my third grand. I did a search on the internet and did not find anything similar three years ago. Now my forth grand is turning one and I searched once again to see if I could find a similar childs rocker with the engraving. I was so happy I stumbled on your website and found you made the rocker. The only thing that makes me sad is my third grandchild has been left out. She is now 4 and maybe I can purchase one for her another time in the near future. Thank you. I am so excited I found your company.”

Betsy U., Del Rio, FL

“We received the childrens rockers the first week of December and could not be more pleased. They are just adorable. The quality and workmanship are excellent. Can’t wait to present them to our grandchildren for Christmas. As it turns out, I have two nieces expecting babies in the near future so we plan on making your childs rocking chairs a tradition in our family.”

Cece N., Farmington, NM

“I received the child's rocking chair as a gift for my 1 year old. He really enjoys it, as does his 7 year old sister. It is great quality and very durable – as my children have already put it to the test : ) The inscription was done very well. Elegant and clean. Yes, we did see the family tree that was enclosed. A very cute idea.”

Goldi B., Palmyra, VA

“My grandchildren did receive the childs rocking chairs. Thank You Very Much! They Love Them... My daughter said they were the best Christmas Present..”

Vera T., Pekin, IL

“I cannot express how happy I am with your childs rocking chair! It is a 1st birthday gift for our grandson who I am sure will pass it on to his son because the quality is that good. After I opened the box I rushed to the phone to let you know how pleased I was, but it was after business hours and there was no way to leave a message, It is very impressive you care enough about your customers to get in touch with them.”

Ann P., Livingston, MT

“I received the childs rocking chair and I LOVE it!! I wish now I had it engraved. I will certainly recommend your chairs to family and friends. ”

J.G., Flint, MI

“I think child's rocker is awesome, so pleased. best piece of furniture in my house. we'll have to wait till after xmas to see what the family thinks.”

Alex L., Fortuna, CA

“Extremely pleased - thank you so much!”

Nichelle P., Lima, OH

“Thank you so much. My son loves his chair.”

DJ D., Florence, SC

“I have looked at it just briefly as it is a present for our son's second birthday in September. The childs rocker looks beautiful and I am looking forward to giving it to him.”

Kat R., Lakewood, CO

“The child's rocking chair was a big hit with little Liam’s family. He is only 18 months old so, although he sat in it, he doesn’t know its value yet! They sent us a picture and my husband and I were very pleased with our purchase. Liam’s Mom did find the family tree. Thank you.”

Deb R., Leroy, IN


MaryAnn A., Mexico, NY

“Yes, I did receive the child's rocker. I ordered it for a Christmas present for my great granddaughter. I was amazed at the quality and how beautiful it is. Family members have been coming over to see it. I was very pleased and it is a heirloom rocker to be cherished for years. We id see the the the special family tree that was under the seat. Thank You......”

Morgan R., Trenton, TN

“Since I had the child's rocker sent directly to my granddaughter, I forwarded your request to them and as they had told us when it arrived, they love it! They felt that it was well made and looked very nice. We have since seen it during an ichat and the camera was focused on the toddler and the chair and it was nice to see that the seat is roomy enough so that she can set her doll in the chair and then crawl in herself and turn herself around! Having a wider seat surely does make a difference, but I would not have looked for that until I saw how nice it is to have.

We will order again if there should be more grand-babies!

Thank you for a one of a kind heirloom for Lori.”

Kay, O., Collegeville, MN

“Our 1 year old grandson loved his childs rocker. It was the best gift ever, so pleased to give something that is not going to end up in the bottom of a toy box. I have to tell you before purchasing the childs rocker, my husband and I had a trip to the Smoky Mountains and I told him that I wanted to look there first, after numerous stores I kept coming back to your rocker. So glad because I made the right decision. I recommend this rocker highly, it is just the right height not afraid of a child falling out of it, but our 1 year old thought it would be fun to climb over the arm's, but I believe we have stopped that, he is a monkey. Thanks again for a well structured gift and a family heirloom.”

Rhea C., Lancaster, PA

“Thanks - the childs rocking chairs look fabulous!!! The grandchildren will receive them on Christmas and I know their parents will be thrilled with them. Each mother received one of your "adult" rocking chairs with her college logo when she was pregnant. So now mom and child will match!

Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for checking to make sure they arrived.”

Maria T., Clifton, NJ

“We did receive the child's rocker and were very pleased with it. It is for our grandson's first birthday which is the day after Christmas - Although he is too young at this point to fully appreciate it, we know that when he is older, he will love it as much as we do.

As a matter of fact, we decided to order one our granddaughter as well.

We will certainly pass on the information to any of our friends who may want it.

And yes, we did see the special family tree under the childs's rocker seat and loved that as well.

Keep up the good work.”

Joyce L., Naperville, IL

“This is the second child's rocker that I have purchased for my grandchildren for Christmas, personalized from me to them. Each of my grandson's will have a special child's rocker for Christmas. This is the start to our family heirlooms

Thanks for such a beautiful children's rocking chair that they will always have. I would also like to mention that the chairs are such quality that my grandson uses the chair all the time and if it holds up to a two year boy and still is as sturdy as ever, it is extremely well built which is why I will continue to purchase my chairs from you. Keep up the good work!”

Gerti C., Saltsburg, PA

“Yes, I did receive the beautiful childrens rocking chair, and could not wait till the Holidays to give to my grandson. It is better than I imagined, and quite refreshing to find quality workmanship in todays market. I also, love the fact that it is made in the USA! He is only 16 months old, but had no trouble sitting and rocking ...all by himself!!!

I will definitely encourage anyone I speak with to look into purchasing your chairs/rockers.

Also, your customer service is exceptional, and responses have been immediate. ”

Marki K., Jasper, GA

“As long as I continue to be blessed with grandchildren, I will continue to purchase these beautiful child's rocking chairs for them!”

Mindy D., Waldorf, MD

“We are so pleased with the child's rocking chair that we ordered for our granddaughter. It certainly exceeded expectations. It is always a little scary ordering online when you can’t see the actual product. The fine workmanship is evident in the children's rocking chair and the engraving couldn’t be more elegant. It has become a family heirloom which we will pass on from generation to generation. We gave it to her on Christmas Day and everyone one who came by commented on the chair and asked where did we find it. Our granddaughter loves it and when she goes to bed at night she puts her Minnie Mouse dolls in the child's rocking chair for the night. In these days of mass produced low quality products it is so comforting to know there are still people who feel pride in workmanship and quality is the most important part of a product. Thank you.”

Cathy W., Annandale, VA

“Thank you for your concern regarding the rocker I ordered for my granddaughter. As requested, I received it in plenty of time for her birthday on Valentine's day. I was extremely pleased with the engraving and quality of the rocker. I'm sure that she will enjoy it for many years to come. It's certainly a beautiful piece of furniture that can be passed down for generations. Thank you, Thank you, for this beautiful piece of furniture. By all means, I will recommend your company. Thank you!”

Verna S., Springfield, OR

“The childs rockers (we ordered 2 for our granddaughters) are absolutely beautiful. We had them inscribed with their names. I am very happy with both the childs rockers, the customer service we received and the timely shipping. They will be cherished for years to come.”

Joy M., Flagstaff, AZ

“The chairs are beautiful and my grandchildren love them. This is the thrid time I have purchased one.”

Grace S., Appomattox, VA

“Our first grandbaby loves her rocker and now her baby brother won'tlet her use it! Time to purchase two more for our family's newest little ones.”

Nolan J., Palmer, MA

“I hope everyone there realizes the pleasure that I hear from each recipient. Their faces beam to describe how they so enjoyed opening the box and finding such a lovely and unique gift. It is the singular reason I continue to give only this chair as a baby gift. ”

Lauren G., Alexandria, VA

“I picked up Carter's chair today. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. !!! Please send a thank you to the folks that make your chairs. PERFECTION”

Kari S., Cinnaminson, NJ

“Time to get baby brother a rocker like his big sister's! Grandbabes love their Boston Rockers!”

Leesa W., Howard, WI

“Fabulous chair!”

Barb D., Emmitsburg, MD

“Thank you so much - I am glad I found you, it was hard to find a quality made children's rocker. These are for two of my grandchildren.”

Jo G., Carmel, IN

“Love your rockers. This is the 10th rocker I've ordered for my grandchildren. Thank you for such a good quality product.”

Kara Q., Fairfax, VA

“Have ordered three previous rocking chairs for each grandchild for their first Christmas. This rocking chair is for our newest grandchild.”

Maria S., Gorda, CA

“Thank you again. Grandchild number 4.”

Gwen C., Lakewood, CO

“Love your chairs...This is the 12th chair I've ordered from you!”

Andy R., Landerberg, PA

“This is the fifth chair that we have ordered. We love these heirloom quality chairs!”

Tara N., Riverview, FL

“Everyone loves the rocking chair I recently ordered fro our Grandson's 1st Birthday! This purchase is for our Granddaughter's 1st Birthday. We plan on making this gift a tradition for all our grandchildren's 1st Birthday Gift from MiMi and Pops!”

Sasha W., Ardmore, OK

“I have ordered many many chairs from you including graduation and christening...always happy with my orders and the recipients love them! Thank you.”

Chrysta E., Nicholasville, KY

“This is my fourth rocking chair I have ordered from you. I just hope I have another grandchild or two so I can continue. I have never been so pleased with anything I have ever ordered as I have when I pulled the first rocking chair out of the box. Thank you so much for the quality items. I'm hoping I am in time for this one for Ella's first birthday.”

Sara S., Peterborough, NH

“Rocker arrived and it is lovely. I wish I had know of your company when I ordered for the previous 4 grandchildren. Unfortunately, this was our last little one, but I will definitely recommend you to friends.”

Lanie R., Westchester, PA

“The rocker is beautiful.”

Marvin W., Gastonia, NC

“I am very pleased with my rocker!! It's beautiful! Thanks!”

Delia C., San, Angelo, TX

“Just wanted to let you know that the rocker I ordered is beautiful. Thank you.”

Fay M., Evansville, IN

“The chair is beautiful and we're very happy with it. I'll be sure to pass your name onto anyone I know who would liked to order a chair. Ours is a holiday gift for our grandson. Great job, thank you!”

Ted F., Cohocton, NY

“I am very pleased with the rocker. Thank you for getting it to her for the party.”

Rae H., Battle Creek, MI

“We were delighted with our purchase. Our grandaughter was pleased but not as much as our daughter and son-in-law.”

Jeni G., Pueblo, CO

“My granddaughter's chair arrived and her parents report that it is beautiful and that Elli loves it. I have not seen it yet as we had it shipped directly to her. Guess we'll be in touch as new grandchildren arrive!”

Paulina V., Pelham, AL

“Loved the rocker--our grandchild, who is one, loved it too. Thanks!”

Simone J., Gifford, FL

“It was the most beautiful thing.”

Matt N., South Boston, VA

“What a darling chair!”

Nance K., Wyncote, PA

“I just opened the child's rocker box up as our granddaughters birthday is still a month away...LOL!

I'm in's absolutely beautiful. Definitely heirloom quality! So glad I found your site! Yes the found the family tree.....thanks so much!”

Elise M., Stratham, NH

“Very Happy 1st time Christmas customer who is so grateful for Taylor's "PERFECT CHILDRENS ROCKING CHAIR". Your childs rocking chair made Taylor's Xmas, her mom & dad's, and her grandma & grandpa whose home is Taylor's other home. Taylor would miss not having her chair to sit in if it weren't there for her. Now Taylor and all grandma and grandpa's special kids will have their own special place to sit when visiting them in their home. Thank you for a truly "Magical Christmas" from the entire family! A new tradition has been established with your wonderful childrens rocking chairs that will be a very special for many years and children to come... ”

Ellen K., Maywood, IL

“We have received our grandson’s toddler rocking chair in good condition. We also found the family tree under the rocker seat—what a nice addition. Thank you very much for getting our toddler rocker to us so soon after ordering. It is beautiful and we are very pleased with the rocker and the service. Thank you very much for both.”

Vicki B., Greeneville, TN

“The childs rocking chair is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for making such a quality product! My parents had bought my daughter an Ethan Allen Rocker 32 years ago when she was born. Since she has recently had twins, my dad wanted to buy another kids rocking chair. Ethan Allan no longer carries them and we were having problems finding a quality all wood rocker to match the old. I started looking on the internet and came upon your childs rocker, read the specs and comments and ordered your childs rocker for him. We are so pleased! ”

Judy W., Stuart, FL

“What a wonderful gift for a special child. We wish we had gotten these for all of our grandchildren years ago. The chair is beautiful and perfect for a keepsake that will be enjoyed throughout childhood and hopefully as a treasure in adult life before passing on to children and grandchildren. I really was glad to see that the chair rocks in a gentle motion and should be safe and easy to get into and out. Having the child’s name and birthday on the back of the chair really made the gift appreciated. The family tree is a special touch that also lets the recipient know that this is something of value that can be passed from generation to generation. You’ll be hearing from us when we have another special child that we want to give a special gift. ”

Jackie M., Bountiful, UT

“Oh my goodness!! We are not only pleased we are amazed by the beautiful craftsmanship your company has put into our toddler's beautiful chair. He will receive it for Christmas and we believe it will steal the show of any other gifts he will receive that day. Our twelve year old son was jealous that we didn't know about your company and buy him one when he was younger, but he is so excited to see his brothers face on Christmas when he sits in this child rocking chair. Thank you again for a perfect transaction, shipment and product. We will recommend your company to everyone we feel would benefit from your service. ”

Marg W., Hastings, NE

“Just came back from visiting my grandchildren in Tennessee and viewing the recently purchased child’s rocker from your company. It is simply beautiful and far exceeds my expectations as an avid ‘case maker’. And the price was very reasonable for the product purchased! I would not turn my woodworking equipment on for the price paid for the personalized child’s rocker.

I do a lot of woodworking and I think I am an excellent judge of wood craftsmanship. Without a doubt I can testify that the rocker your company made for my granddaughter is excellent! I can without a doubt recommend your company and will do so!

You even went the extra mile in delivering the purchase within the allotted time period that I had hoped! It is great to have an experience with a company that understands quality and service!

We need more companies like Standard Chair of Gardner!

Again, “THANKS” for being the best I have encountered for over the past twenty years!

‘Success’ to you and your company.”

Thomas J., Dexter, MO

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